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I'm a High School teacher, a Progressive Rock singer-songwriter, a father of 4 grown children, grandfather to 2 and more on the way, and a World of Warcraft enthusiast. In regard to WoW (which is the focus of this blog), my Main is an 85 Protection Paladin named Bloodniron. He started off human, but somewhere along the line he found info concerning a Blood Elf ancestry (apparently planted by some ill-meaning foe...) and pursued the BE lifestyle awhile. Currently A big Red Bull (Tauren...), Bloodniron is seeking help with the hallucinogens and will be returning to his 'normal' human existence soon. If, that is, you think a guy running around in full Plate armor, swinging a wicked looking Mace and claiming to be a "Vicious Gladiator" is 'normal'.

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